Introducing Sonshine Advancements

Hello Everyone

I hope that you are all extremely well. I am, thank you for asking.

Let me briefly explain the purpose of my website. I am hoping to help other people, specifically mothers, with substance abusing children.

I am one myself, my son was a substance abuser, specifically drugs; namely Crystal Meth – Tik,¬† Mandrax –¬†Buttons, amongst a lot of other stuff, except Heroin, thankfully, and of course Dagga.

We spent 19 years walking this road, of which 11 of those years he walked alone, as I did not know of his addiction. As I mention on my website, I saw the signs and symptoms, but was living in denial, as a lot of us are.

Its only the last 10 years that we have walked this road together, with me shedding a lot of tears, and suffering a lot of heartache.

It is from this personal experience that I hope to help others. I personally am extremely spiritual and therefore my posts will be as well, but this does not mean that I am excluding anyone from other religious beliefs, because I firmly believe that my experience can help everyone.

I am also hoping that we can have a wonderful group with a lot of interaction, as the more of us that speak about our experiences the more of us will then realise that we are not alone on this road.

I would like to publish a blog at least once a week from now on, and I sincerely hope that you all will look forward to reading my story as much as I am looking forward to writing it.

With that said, let me sign off now as I will have a lot of writing to do in the coming days.

Chat again next week

Love you all